Writing Retreats

Retreats have been shown to be a very effective way to facilitate busy
researchers to write. The retreats are typically two days long and can be held
on or off campus. Unlike other workshops, a retreat is unstructured and more
about providing time away from the office and a space dedicated purely to
writing.  The tutor gives support and advice on an individual basis
through the two days, acting as both editor and motivator.

Audience: Researchers, experienced or novice, staff or postgraduates,
who are publishing research. Retreats can be both mixed or done by discipline
or for a specific research team.

Mode of delivery: This is a workshop style event, requiring participants
to work individually or with co-authors. The content is evidence based, drawing
on education research on research writing. The workshop can be run for between
8 to 20 participants, ideally in a workshop/seminar room equipped with workshop
tables. If off campus an appropriate venue can be sourced, costs are usually on
top of the fee.

Length and timings: The workshop is 1 to 2 days long, typically run from
9:30am – 4:30pm with 1 hour for lunch, and one 15 minute coffee break in the

Resources: The tutor brings packs of interactive materials; participants
should bring pens and paper, a laptop, and any research papers or data which
will enable them to write their researcher paper/chapter/proposal; a flipchart
and pens or white board is also useful, though not essential;

Previous client(s): Queen’s University Belfast, Staff Development Unit, Dublin City University, School of Nursing