QUB Belfast Castle Writing Retreat 2013

QUB Belfast Castle Writing Retreat 2013

The Research Writing is the writing business of Dr Dan Soule. Dan is a writer and former academic. The Research Writer offers writing training, resources for writers and links. We can offer all of our courses as either online or face-to-face offerings.

Writing training specialises in supporting research writers in universities, research institutes and clinical settings across the UK, Ireland and Norway.

Workshops, short courses and writing retreats are offered covering a variety of research writing topics, such as thesis and dissertation writing, writing for publication, copyediting and proofreading for authors, and writing for popular audiences.

Dan’s¬†approach deals not only with the technical difficulties of research writing but also the process of writing itself (planning, creativity, editing and redrafting) to maximise your writing time and the quality of the final text.

ResClim, Norway’s nation graduate school for Climate Dynamics, 2015

Online training is also available, both directly with Dan and with the Professional Writing Academy (PWA). Together we can deliver our full diet of workshops online via zoom and give you your own branded space on our VLE, plus additional benefits. 

For more details on specific courses please have a look at our full listing under ‘Training’; or if you want something more tailored, get in touch. A client list can be found under ‘About Us.’