Web Resources

The Pomodoro Technique. One of the hardest things to do is to get writing and keep writing. Try out the pomodoro technique. It’s so simple: just write in 25minute bites, with five minute breaks. You can build up stamina over time, adding additional 25 minute chunks. Vary the time up or down to suit your concentration levels. The trick is not to go for too long nor too short. There are a number of free pomodoro timers out there (see tomato-timer.com, the Pomodroid App on Android phones; and Simple Pomodoro Timer on iPad and iPhone). Failing that just buy a cheap kitchen timer. Here’s a free pomodoro website.

Writing a Journal Article in 7 Days by Dr Inger Mewburn. This is a great online Prezi presentation on just what the title says it is. Lots of detail beautifully presented. See link.

Analysing your style. There are few interesting websites that can help you edit your style. Try out Writer’s Diet .It’ll analyse 100-1000 words of your writing, pointing our where it may be a bit flabby and could be tightened up. Another useful site is Wordle, which creates a word cloud of your work. It’s a great way of spotting if your are over using certain words (‘however’, for instance).

Fixing Writing Problems for International Students – Here’s some advice from the Higher Education Academy for international students and for tutors/supervisors supporting them. This is a complex issue but this is a good place to start with a useful video and some excellent references and case studies.