Here you will find information and links to things Dan has written. Should you be so interested, read on, dear reader.

Short Stories:

The Grappler – in The Incubator, June 2015, – What happens when a fighter gets woken up by The Grappleranother punch on the cage floor? He fights back, if he can. But the fight isn’t ever just against the body of your opponent. Other battles must be fought, mental battles whose skirmishes started long before the fight.

The Switch – in Storgy, September 2015, – A family gather to turn off a life-support machine. It’s a formality, only the body remains. Like all families they’ve had their differences; they push each other’s buttons.

Plight of the Valkyrie –  in Devolution Z, April 2016 – It’s the late shift on the geriatric ward. Old people move on in the night and someone is always there to help them.

Little Man o’ War in Storgy, June 2016. Little men with their little wars

The Breed – in Devolution Z, July 2016 – It’s their graduation and their first real mission, so just what would a team of special forces werewolves, who’ve been selectively bred and raised by the army, end up like?

When the Gods Play Dice – in The Dime Show Review, July 2016 – The world turns on the slightest of details sometimes.

Grounded Until the End of the World – in Short Tale 100, August 2016 – an unlikely start to the end of the world.

To Kill a Quisquilia – in Devolution Z, September 2016 – Some days a boy just wants to deliver the paper but then when your dad has gone missing and now you’ve got to a new house on your paper round and it’s the local haunted house, well, you just don’t want to deliver anything. Then again if a garbage truck starts to threaten you, you just don’t know what you might end up doing

Upgrade – in Phantaxis, (forthcoming) November 2016 – All he wanted was to upgrade, but occasionally you get more than you bargained for.

She Loved Lavender – in Number Eleven Magazine, November 2016. Some things remain even when they are gone.

The Breed: Last Watch – in Devolution Z, January 2017. Another in the Breed series. This one is something of a prequel, going back to where it all began. There are more stories to come in this series.

The Hunt – In Freeroll magazine, February 2017. This issue of a Brazilian Jiujitsu lifestyle magazine was on the theme of female empowerment.

Mrs Webber – in Storgy, 13th February 2017. An old man can get lost in his memories. The question is why?

The Lostling – in The Ghost Story, 14th February 2017. In an old red phone box, the telephone is ringing, and it must be answered. This is a little horror story and placed 2nd in the 2017 Screw Turn Flash Fiction Competition, on .

Pork Pie, Superguy – March 2017. A story about a little overweight boy, superheroes and martial arts, published in the Brazilian Jiujitsu lifestyle magazine, Freeroll.

Only Some Things – March 2017. A flash fiction story on the theme of the unseen. It’s just a little bit creepy.

Quantum Flush – in Shoreline of Infinity, (March 2017). The are always unexpected consequences to time travel, and they never quite what you think.

The Taxidermist – in Short Tale100, a micro-fiction story of exactly 100 words. If you’ve ever found taxidermy a little weird then read this.

Keep It Up Kid – my fourth short story to be published in the wonderful online literary magazine Storgy, this is a story set in the town where I grew up, Southwell, England. It is about childhood heroes and fatherhood, and a little about football. Featuring Stuart Pearce and Brian Clough and a game I was actually present at, the story is about the connection between pivotal moments in peoples lives, whether they recognise them or not. Also, it’s not at all autobiographical, but I loved going home in my head for a while.


Paragraphs: A Manual for the Idea Machine in Climate Snack, 2014 – How to use paragraphs as the key to editing

Why you shouldn’t kidnap a copyeditor in, August 2016 – read and find out, dear reader.

Review of The Rats by James Herbert in Storgy, December 2016. Revisiting a horror classic.

Review of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman in Storgy, February 2017. The fabulous Neil Gaiman retells his favourite Norse myths.

Review of Rotten Row by Pettina Gappah in Storgy, February 2017. Zimbabwe’s most famous author’s new themed collection of short stories.

Review of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman in Storgy, February 2017. A classic British fantasy story of Gods and belief.

Review of IT by Stephen King in Storgy June 2017. One of the best horror stories ever. 

Review of The One Minute Workout in Freeroll July 2017. Such an important book about fitness and health. Purely evidence based and very well written. Truly a book that has the potential to change lives. If you ever thought you didn’t have enough time to workout you are wrong. Read this and find out why.

Review of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham in Storgy July 2017. Another all time classic but still relevant because it was ahead of its time.

Review of On The Beach by Neville Shute in Storgy (forthcoming) – another classic but not much heard of today. It manages to be post-apocalyptic and beautiful at the same time. A book about how to live.

Review of Cell by Stephen King in Storgy (forthcoming) – fast paced and a novel approach to the end of the world. One of King’s shorter novels. A good read.


Hearts on Heaven’s Reef – in The Dime Show Review, September 2016

Christmas Claws – in Storgy, December 2016. An alternative look at Christmas, in the old fashioned Victorian style of Christmas storytelling.


Political Discourse and National Identity in Scotland. book coverBy Murray Leith and Daniel Soule (2011). Published by Edinburgh University Press.

Scottish devolution and national identity. Daniel Soule, Murray Leith and Martin Steven (2012) in National Identities.